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Zong SMS packages 2022 – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

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Zong All SMS packages: Daily SMS, Weekly SMS, and Monthly.

Zong SMS Packages 2022 – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly SMS packages Updated in FEB – 2022

I love SMS Packages, when you are Free and you don’t have much balance on your phone and you have talk to someone only one option you will have to the SMS, so that’s why we listed the best ZONG Daily, Weekly, and Monthly SMS Packages for you below is the list please have a look!

Zong daily Call Packages

Package NameCallPriceCode
Daily Full Gup
100 SMS
75 on-net minutes
30 MB internet
Rs. 5+Tax

Daily Hello 1 Din Offer

150 on-net minutes
150 SMS
50 MB internet
Rs. 13+Tax

Daily Flutter Package
120 SMS
120 Zong minutes
50 MB internet
Rs. 12+Tax

Zong Sixer Plus Offer
Unlimited on-net minutes
500 SMS
1 MB internet
(6AM to 6PM)
Rs. 8+Tax


Zong Weekly SMS Packages

Package NameCallPriceCode
Haftawar Load Offer
5000 SMS
12 GBs
5000 on-net
80 off-net minutes
Rs. 270

All-In-One Weekly
1000 SMS
2.5 GB
1000 on-net
40 off-net minutes
Rs. 200

Zong Shandaar Weekly Package
500 SMS
500 On-Net
40 Off-net Minutes
500MB Internet
Rs. 120


Zong 15 Days Unlimited SMS Bundle

Zong’s fortnightly SMS bundle gives you 1000 messages to enjoy at any network in Pakistan every day. The price of this offer is Rs: 149+Tax. However, in our point of view, this package is a little expensive if you don’t use this big number of SMS every day. But if you do use them then you can go for it as it provides 15000 SMS in total in 15 days.

Package NameCallPriceCode
Unlimited SMS1000 SMS/Day

Rs. 149+Tax

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

Subscribing to packages on a daily or weekly basis can be annoying for some people. So these people can get a monthly SMS offer and forget activating bundles time and again. This bucket is perfect for most of the users as 500 SMS per day are offered for Rs: 50 only.

Package NameCallPriceCode
500 SMS/Day
30 MB/Day WhatsApp
Rs. 50+Tax
Zong Monthly Super Offer
5000 SMS
5000 On-Net
300 Off-Net Minutes
20 GB internet
6 GB YouTube
4 GB WhatsApp
Rs. 1300*6464# > 4 > 4 > 2

Voice 900 Min Bundle

1000 SMS
900 All-net minutes
Rs. 1200Call on 310

Zong Supreme Offer
5000 SMS
5000 On-Net
300 Off-Net Minutes
12 GB internet
Rs. 1000*6464# > 4 > 2 > 2

Voice 425 Min Bundle
425 All-network minutes
500 SMS
Rs. 600
Call on 310
Zong Shandaar Mahana Offer
1000 SMS
1000 On-Net
100 Off-Net Minutes
1GB Internet
Dial *1000#

How to unsubscribe Monthly SMS Bundle?

Send ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsub’ to 700.

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