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Zong Internet Packages 2022 – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

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Zong All Internet Packages: Daily, Weekly and Monthly, Mar – 2022

Zong Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly, and Daily :- Zong brings amazing internet packages, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily looking for the same packages here then check out the latest packages Zong prepaid plans have more of what you love, subscribe to zong prepaid packages & enjoy the most exhilarating mobile internet packages SMS.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

There are several types of zong internet bundles which are explained below in detail

Package NameInternetPriceCode
Super Student Bundle1 GB Rs. 5 + Tax*5555# or you can also activate this package through Zong App
Simply dial *6464#
Daily Basic Offer100 MBsRs. 17 Incl. Tax*6464#
Data Max Offer500 MB Data & 500 MB YouTubeRs. 38 Incl. Tax*6464# or *5#
Perfect Bundle0 MBs
On-net Minutes: 10000
Free SMS: 500
Rs. 12 Incl. Tax*6464#
Daytime Offer1200 MBs16 Incl. Tax*6464#
Good Night Offer2500 MbsRs. 16 Incl. Tax*6464#

Everything you need to know about Zong Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Internet Packages 3G & 4G

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Daily packages just for short time. But, if you enjoy with package more days, then subscribe weekly zong internet bundles.

To subscribe to data bundles, dial *6464# or visit to Zong official website.

Package NameInternetPriceCode
Super Max Offer30 GB (15 GB + 15 GB for YouTube)Rs. 299 Incl. Tax*220#
Haftawar Load Offer7 Days
Internet: 2.5 GBs
On-net Minutes: 2500
Other Minutes: 80
Free SMS: 2500
Rs. 280 Incl. Tax*70#
Mega Offer4 GBsRs. 160 Incl. Tax*6464#
Super Offer

7 Days
Internet: 2.5 GBs
Rs. 170 Incl. Tax*6464#
Super Plus Offer7 Days
Internet: 7 GBs
Rs. 240 Incl. Tax*20#
Super Weekly Premium7 Days
Internet: 30 GB
Zong Minutes: 3000
Off-net Minutes: 100 minutes
Free SMS: 3000 SMS
Rs. 340 Incl. Tax*225#

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

In all the data bundles, Monthly Internet packages are ideal and for long terms for people who daily need mobile data information.

Package NameInternetPriceCode
Premium 5GB
5GB Internet Rs. 372 Incl. Tax*6464#
Power Pack 5002 GBs
On-net Minutes: 1000
Other Minutes: 50
Free SMS: 1000
Rs. 500 Incl. Tax*70#
Supreme Offer5 GB & 4 GB WhatsApp
On-net Minutes: 5000
Other Minutes: 300
Free SMS: 5000
Rs. 850 Incl. TaxDial *3030#
Or Dial *6464#, -> 4 -> 2 -> 2
Premium 30GB15GB+ 15GB (YouTube and TikTok)
How to Activate: Dial *6464#
 Rs. 744 Incl. Tax*6464#
All in One Offer 2.5 GB Internet & 2.5 GB WhatsApp
On-net Minutes: 2500 minutes
Off-net Minutes: 150 minutes
Free SMS: 2500 SMS
Rs. 580 Incl. Tax*6464# > 4 > 2
Monthly Supreme Package20 GB (10 GB for YouTube)
Zong Minutes: 5000 minutes
Other Minutes: 300 minutes Free SMS: 5000 SMS
Rs. 1000 Incl. tax*4545#
Monthly Power Pack 1000
5GB Internet
Zong Minutes: 2000 minutes
Other Minutes: 150 minutes
Free SMS: 1500 SMS
How to Activate:
Rs. 1000 Incl. TaxDial 310, then type 4 and follow instruction
Supreme Plus Offer10 GB Internet & 4 GB WhatsApp
Zong Minutes: 10000 minutes
Other Minutes: 600 minutes
Free SMS: 10000 SMS
Rs. 1750 Incl. TaxDial *6464#, -> 4 -> 4 -> 2
Monthly Super Offer0 GB Internet + 6 GB Youtube & 4 GB WhatsApp
Zong Minutes: 50000 minutes
Other Minutes: 300 minutes
Free SMS: 5000 SMS
Rs. 1300 Incl. Tax*4567#

above is the list of Zong Daily, and weekly, monthly internet packages.

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