Ufone Blaze WiFi Device Internet Packages, and Price - 2022
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Ufone Blaze WiFi Device Internet Packages, and Price – 2022

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Ufone Blaze WiFi Device Internet Packages, and Price – 2022

Ufone Blaze WiFi Device Internet Packages, and Price – 2022 | Ufone 4G Blaze WiFi Device Packages, Activation Code & Charges. Ufone 4G is offering the Blaze WiFi Device at affordable rates.

Ufone has just launched its blaze broadband 4G device with some terms and conditions applied. Now you can enjoy high-speed internet with some amazing bundles at a reasonable rate.

Ufone is offering the Blaze WiFi Device with three different Internet Bundles that you can get at cheap monthly charges. Today you will find out the complete details of Ufone Blaze Internet Devices Packages, and their prices and Subscription.

Ufone Blaze Device

Ufone Blaze Device
Ufone Blaze Device
  1. Portable, Battery Powered 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot
  2. Connect Up To 10 Wi-Fi Enabled Gadgets At A Time (Smartphones, Smart TV’s, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, Etc)
  3. Battery Supports 4 Hours Of Constant Usage And 250 Hours Of Standby
  4. Battery Capacity 2000 MAh
  5. Plug And Play No Installation
  6. Supports WPS (Push & Connect)
  7. 1 Year Warranty

Blaze is available in the price of PKR 3,600 (one-time charges) at Ufone 4G service centers.You can also purchase the Blaze device from your nearest retailer or joint shops.


  • Ufone 4G Blaze devices come with 1 year warranty from time of sale.

Ufone Blaze Device Packages

You Can Subscirbe to Three different internet packages on Ufone Blaze Wifi Devce. 2022

Package NameDetails PriceCode
120GB Blaze Device Package120 GB Including 60GB
from 1am to 1pm
Rs. 1990*7073#
200GB Blaze Device Package200 GB Including 100GB
from 1am to 1pm
Rs. 2499*7074#
300GB Blaze Device Package300 GB Including 150GB
from 1am to 1pm
Rs. 2999*7075#

Terms & Conditions


  • Where can I purchase a Ufone 4G Blaze device from?
    1. Please visit your nearest Ufone Service Center, Franchise or Ufone Retailer
  • Where can I use my Ufone 4G Blaze device?
    • Customers will be able to use their Ufone 4G Blaze nationwide across all 4G & 3G enabled areas.
  • What is a Master Number?
    • At time of Sale, customers will be asked to provide their alternate number (customers contact number refered to as “Master Number”). If the master number is Ufone, customers have the additional benefit of being able to subscribe to MBB bundles, check their Usage or check their Ufone MBB number through USSD *3045#. Otherwise, the Master number is also used to communicate exciting offers and important notifications to the customer.
  • Which channels can customers subscribe their Ufone MBB Bundle from?
    • Customers will be able to subscribe their desired bundle by visiting their nearest Ufone Service Center, Ufone Franchise or Ufone Retailer. Alternatively, customers may also subscribe through Upaisa, Easypaisa or Jazzcash Apps.
  • Which number will the customers recharge/subscribe against? Master Number or MBB number?
    • The Master number is the customers alternate number which as mentioned above is used for communicating with customer and by the customer (in case ufone Master number) to subscribe bundles through USSD. Customers will be subscribing bundles and recharging against the MSISDN of the data SIM that is inserted into the Ufone MBB Device when subscribing bundle. The MSISDN is pasted on a label on top of the device box. Customers will visit service center, franchise or retailer etc and ask for the bundle of their choice to be subscribed against this data sim MSISDN.
  • How can customer check their Usage or subscribe bundle if they have a Ufone Master Number?
    • The customer can dial *3045# from their registered Ufone Master Number. A menu will allow the customer to subscribe bundles, check their usage or confirm what their Ufone MBB MSISDN is through the “What is my MBB Number” option, in case the customer forgets.
  • What happens if a customer does a vanilla-recharge (has amount loaded against MBB MSISDN) but does not get a package subscribed
    • The customer will not be able to use data services since the loaded amount will be available as balance. In this instance, if the customer has a Ufone Master number, they may dial the USSD string to subscribe to their desired bucket whereupon, the relevant amount will be deducted and data volume will be provided.
  • What happens when the customer exhausts their allocated volume?
    • They will be unable to use data services and will need to re-subscribe.
  • Can a customer use their Ufone GSM SIM in Ufone MBB to use for data?
    • No
  • Which billing modes are available to the customer with Ufone MBB ?
    • Prepaid
  • What is included in the Ufone 4G Blaze box?
    • 1 x Ufone MBB Device
    • 1 x Battery
    • 1 x Charging Cable (regular micro-usb charging cable)
    • 1 x wall charger
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Warranty Card
    • 1 x Ufone SIM Card (the device uses a micro-sim)
  • How will the customer connect to the Ufone 4G Blaze Device ?
    • On the back of the Ufone 4G Blaze device is a white pasted label
    • This label mentions:
      • Device IMEI
      • Device Serial Number
      • Device WiFi SSID (this is the WiFi network name and will typically be Ufone followed by a number example: Ufone_12345)
      • WiFi Key – This is the password the user will enter on their smartphone, tablet, laptop etc to connect to the Ufone_12345 WiFi point
      • Device Manager Link:
      • Portal Password: This is a password to access the above link ( which provides access to device settings where user can change the WiFi-Network Name (SSID) or change their WiFi password etc
  • How can the customer change device settings such as WiFi Name or Passowrd ?
    • The user will connect to the device over Wi-Fi or through USB by connecting the USB Cable (available in box) to a laptop or computer
    • The user will open up a browser window on phone or laptop/tablet/computer and navigate to
    • The user will be prompted for a password which is mentioned as the last item on the back of the device
    • The user is now able to access all device settings
  • The customer changed their Wi-Fi password but forgot it and cannot connect to Ufone MBB device, what now ?
    • The customer should turn on their device, take a sharp object such as a pin or needle and insert it into the tiny hole next to the sim-card tray on top of the device. They should keep this pressed for 10 seconds and the device will reset back to factory default settings. The user can now connect to the device using the Wi-Fi Key mentioned on the back of the device.
  • Is there a return-policy with Ufone 4G Blaze ?
    • No. Customers may check their device is functional at time of purchase. The 1 year warranty period will address any software or hardware issues there onwards (if any).
  • Can the customer re-subscribe the same bundle repeatedly ?
    • The customer may re-subscribe the same bundle or any other bundle as many times as they desire. As mentioned above, in case of re-subscription within 30 days, remaining volume will be carried forward
  • How can a customer update/modify their Master Number?
    • Customer can dial the helpline and after undergoing validation checks may modify their number.

Above is the full details of Ufone Blaze Device and their Packages, if we missed something please leave your comment below. after that don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube Channel WKH Dream Inc.


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