Peshawar Prayer Times - Today Prayer time in Peshawar:
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Peshawar Prayer Times – Today Prayer time in Peshawar:

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Peshawar Prayer Times - Today Prayer time in Peshawar

Peshawar Prayer Times, Today Prayer time in Peshawar | Today Peshawar prayer timings for Muslims to perform their prayers are as Fajr Time 3:18 AM, Dhuhr 12:13 PM, Asr 5:13 PM, Maghrib Time 7:24 PM & Isha 9:08 PM. Today’s Peshawar prayer time is based on Islamic Date as 09 Dhul-Qadah 1443, there are also available 30 days Peshawar salah or namaz times for the convenience of all Muslims.

Jun 093:18 AM5:02 AM12:13 PM5:13 PM7:24 PM9:08 PM
Jun 103:18 AM5:02 AM12:13 PM5:14 PM7:24 PM9:08 PM
Jun 113:18 AM5:02 AM12:13 PM5:14 PM7:25 PM9:09 PM
Jun 123:18 AM5:02 AM12:14 PM5:14 PM7:25 PM9:09 PM
Jun 133:18 AM5:02 AM12:14 PM5:14 PM7:26 PM9:10 PM
Jun 143:18 AM5:02 AM12:14 PM5:15 PM7:26 PM9:10 PM
Jun 153:18 AM5:02 AM12:14 PM5:15 PM7:26 PM9:11 PM
Jun 163:18 AM5:02 AM12:14 PM5:15 PM7:27 PM9:11 PM
Jun 173:18 AM5:02 AM12:15 PM5:16 PM7:27 PM9:12 PM
Jun 183:18 AM5:02 AM12:15 PM5:16 PM7:27 PM9:12 PM
Jun 193:18 AM5:02 AM12:15 PM5:16 PM7:28 PM9:12 PM
Jun 203:18 AM5:03 AM12:15 PM5:16 PM7:28 PM9:13 PM
Jun 213:18 AM5:03 AM12:15 PM5:17 PM7:28 PM9:13 PM
Jun 223:18 AM5:03 AM12:16 PM5:17 PM7:28 PM9:13 PM
Jun 233:19 AM5:03 AM12:16 PM5:17 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jun 243:19 AM5:04 AM12:16 PM5:17 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jun 253:19 AM5:04 AM12:16 PM5:17 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jun 263:20 AM5:04 AM12:17 PM5:17 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jun 273:20 AM5:04 AM12:17 PM5:18 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jun 283:20 AM5:05 AM12:17 PM5:18 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jun 293:21 AM5:05 AM12:17 PM5:18 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jun 303:21 AM5:06 AM12:17 PM5:18 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jul 013:22 AM5:06 AM12:18 PM5:18 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jul 023:22 AM5:06 AM12:18 PM5:18 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jul 033:23 AM5:07 AM12:18 PM5:18 PM7:29 PM9:13 PM
Jul 043:24 AM5:07 AM12:18 PM5:18 PM7:29 PM9:12 PM
Jul 053:24 AM5:08 AM12:18 PM5:18 PM7:29 PM9:12 PM
Jul 063:25 AM5:08 AM12:18 PM5:18 PM7:28 PM9:12 PM
Jul 073:26 AM5:09 AM12:19 PM5:18 PM7:28 PM9:11 PM

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