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Islamabad Prayer Times Today Prayer Time in Islamabad

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Islamabad Prayer Times Today Prayer Time in Islamabad

Islamabad Prayer Times Today Prayer Times in Islamabad Today Islamabad prayer timings for Muslims to perform their prayers are as Fajr Time 3:14 AM, Dhuhr 12:07 PM, Asr 5:07 PM, Maghrib Time 7:17 PM & Isha 9:00 PM. Today’s Islamabad prayer time is based on Islamic Date as 09 Dhul-Qadah 1443,

Prayer Time in Islamabad – Pakistan

Jun 093:14 AM4:57 AM12:07 PM5:07 PM7:17 PM9:00 PM
Jun 103:14 AM4:57 AM12:07 PM5:07 PM7:18 PM9:01 PM
Jun 113:14 AM4:57 AM12:07 PM5:07 PM7:18 PM9:01 PM
Jun 123:13 AM4:57 AM12:08 PM5:08 PM7:19 PM9:02 PM
Jun 133:13 AM4:57 AM12:08 PM5:08 PM7:19 PM9:02 PM
Jun 143:13 AM4:57 AM12:08 PM5:08 PM7:19 PM9:03 PM
Jun 153:13 AM4:57 AM12:08 PM5:09 PM7:20 PM9:03 PM
Jun 163:13 AM4:57 AM12:08 PM5:09 PM7:20 PM9:04 PM
Jun 173:13 AM4:57 AM12:09 PM5:09 PM7:20 PM9:04 PM
Jun 183:13 AM4:57 AM12:09 PM5:09 PM7:21 PM9:05 PM
Jun 193:13 AM4:57 AM12:09 PM5:10 PM7:21 PM9:05 PM
Jun 203:14 AM4:58 AM12:09 PM5:10 PM7:21 PM9:05 PM
Jun 213:14 AM4:58 AM12:10 PM5:10 PM7:21 PM9:05 PM
Jun 223:14 AM4:58 AM12:10 PM5:10 PM7:22 PM9:06 PM
Jun 233:14 AM4:58 AM12:10 PM5:10 PM7:22 PM9:06 PM
Jun 243:15 AM4:58 AM12:10 PM5:11 PM7:22 PM9:06 PM
Jun 253:15 AM4:59 AM12:10 PM5:11 PM7:22 PM9:06 PM
Jun 263:15 AM4:59 AM12:11 PM5:11 PM7:22 PM9:06 PM
Jun 273:16 AM4:59 AM12:11 PM5:11 PM7:22 PM9:06 PM
Jun 283:16 AM5:00 AM12:11 PM5:11 PM7:22 PM9:06 PM
Jun 293:17 AM5:00 AM12:11 PM5:11 PM7:22 PM9:06 PM
Jun 303:17 AM5:00 AM12:11 PM5:11 PM7:22 PM9:06 PM
Jul 013:18 AM5:01 AM12:12 PM5:12 PM7:22 PM9:06 PM
Jul 023:18 AM5:01 AM12:12 PM5:12 PM7:22 PM9:05 PM
Jul 033:19 AM5:02 AM12:12 PM5:12 PM7:22 PM9:05 PM
Jul 043:19 AM5:02 AM12:12 PM5:12 PM7:22 PM9:05 PM
Jul 053:20 AM5:03 AM12:12 PM5:12 PM7:22 PM9:05 PM
Jul 063:21 AM5:03 AM12:13 PM5:12 PM7:22 PM9:04 PM
Jul 073:21 AM5:04 AM12:13 PM5:12 PM7:22 PM9:04 PM

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